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Franz (Neutered)

German Shepherd Dog: An adoptable dog in Marietta, OH

Large • Adult • Male

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"Franz" is a gorgeous 7-year old male German Shepherd who came to the HSOV on October 26, 2010 after he was picked up in Warren Township (State Route 550) by the Washington County Dog Warden. "Franz" was wearing a special collar when he was brought to the shelter but unfortunately there was neither an id tag nor a dog tag to help us locate his owner. This distinguished gentleman appears to be a purebred German Shepherd, so surely his owner will be frantically searching for him. We are posting his photos on our website and Facebook pages in hopes that someone will recognize him. "Franz" has a black/brown medium smooth coat, a long bushy tail, and a classic German Shepherd face. "Franz" walks well on a leash and knows some basic commands. He sat quietly for several photos before showing off his physique and gorgeous face :) "Franz" has already been neutered. In the unlikely event...


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More about Franz (Neutered)

Pet ID: 28082 • Spayed/Neutered
Franz (Neutered)'s Contact Info

Humane Society of the Ohio Valley, Marietta, OH
  • 740-373-5959
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