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Well, it's been a week since we brought Marco home to join us. This is our first GSD and I have to say he has been a great joy so far. When I got him I was told that he was about two years old, but have found out from the previous owner that he is actually around three or four. Not really a big deal though. I have been so impressed with his intelligence. Before Marco, my experience with dogs was mostly mixed breeds that lacked any intelligence at all. Not saying all mixed are like that, just the ones I've been around.
Anyway, the morning after we got him we had a bit of a scare. That night he had broken out of his kennel. I went out to see if I could find him, thinking the whole time that he was on his way back to his former home, but when I called for him he came right to me. So that turned out ok. He has been really great with the kids. We did have a moment with our four year old son though. Marco did try to bully him a little, pushed him down and stood over him. I forcibly, but gently pulled Marco away and had Elijah come around and pet him so that he would not be afraid of the dog. Later after I had been leading Marco around, getting him to heel and sit, I let Elijah lead him for a bit. They have been inseparable ever since. It helps that the previous owner did work with Marco on basic obedience. He listen very well most of the time.
I also started him on a raw diet yesterday. I kept him on the kibble they were using, beneful, for a few days just so that would not be an added stress factor. But he has not really shown any stress and has taken to us quite well. So I made the decision to switch yesterday and he seems very happy with it. Later in the day after feeding he had more energy than I have seen in him previously. Anyway, that's what has been going on. And I want to say thanks for the forum and all the info. It has helped a lot.
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