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Below is a photo of Suki and Maple. Going back to earlier posts Suki was dog that went after Maple around 10 weeks old over a toy she was trying to bury in dog bed in the living room. Maple stuck her nose in and Suki pounced Maple hard. Suki is my daughter's Huskie (2-3 yrs old). She has toy issues. Especially the ones she latches onto that are small and buries in the back yard. Since then we have learned to have no toys around when they are together. My daughter went to visit her Aunt out of state so we are watching Suki for 2 months. We are a couple of weeks in. Took them a while to settle down with each other but they seem to have a loving relationship. They play pretty hard but all seems well. I do think they are testing each other. Had feeling Suki was taking higher postion but Maple seems to be testing her at times. Maple is leaner, faster, and tons more energy. Suki is on Fat Dog Dogfood. Hopefully this time helps her shed some pounds. Also with all that hair the heat in TX gets to her quicker I think.

Also Maple got fixed a few weeks back.

I like to call this caption "Status or Preference?". I think it is Preference for Maple on the floor. Suki is definitely a couch lover.

Below Suki/Maple pic is a link to my son's (rescued) dog (R Ridgeback/Boxer/Cur) Zula.


Maple and Zula Youtube
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