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I have searched back to 2012 about this and cannot find a thread specifically addressing what I am looking for so I am starting a new one.

Diesel my rescued GSD was thought to be "dog" aggressive, we have had limited interaction with Female dogs except my Samoyed who we worked for over a month to get socialized with and it still is shaky at best (he attacked her unprovoked a few weeks back while she was sleeping after several weeks of no incidents, looking at it I think it was resource guarding not general aggression)

This past week he has attacked 2 different dogs 3 times. He busted his chain while we were sitting outside to attack a intact male Dobie (Dobie was 3+ acres away) His recall had nothing he didnt even pause, I ran after him and jumped ontop of him to get him off (stupid I know but I was in a panic, I have troubles with this neighbor already) He did not inflict serious injury to the Dobie, just about a 4 inch scratch down the side of the dobie) He did turn around to bite me but when he grabbed me he realized it was me and let go no skin puncture just a bruise.

We went camping over the weekend, he was muzzled as there were 5 other dogs running around camp. 4 females and one male. The females were fine, he didnt try to be aggressive with them and pretty much ignored them. The male however came around a corner and I didnt know he was there, Diesel gave no verbal warning and I didnt see a warning ( I was not particularly paying close attention as I didnt know the dog was behind us ) and pounced on him. Thankfully he had a muzzle on no harm no foul... Next day it was raining so we had to all huddle under an awning on a camper while it poured. I had his E collar on, muzzle on, and pinch collar on. He was in a down/stay and not paying any attention to the other dog who was at the other end of the awning. He literally went from a down stay, air borne over a person sitting in a chair in a full out leap to attack the other dog. He was called off and came back immediately.

My issue is now that I can clearly see it is a Male dog aggression what are some specific techniques I can work on to address this? Narrowing it down to male on male aggression and not general dog aggression makes it easier for me to monitor it but the lack of warning and the way he just snaps bothers me. The trainer and I worked last week with a female and he was fine ( I thought it was a fluke until this past weekend ) so we are going to work with another male this week but I want to get some other opinions on what I can do and techniques that have worked. I know that there is a great chance that he will never like other male dogs, I am more looking to have him ignore them and know that others are safe around him at a distance (not invading his personal space)
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