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Making the club Official? Advice/help

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Not sure if this is where to put this.. but

Our Schutzhund Club is technically unofficial. Our Training Director is a DVG member, as he used to be the President of North Florida Schutzhund, and he is awesome. They have had so many come and gos, they have put it off. We are now working on our 120 Acre permanent field, and we are going to discuss everything that we are going to have to do to become an official DVG Schutzhund Club. I know that it's somewhere around $70 per person that is paid to the DVG through the club, I know we have to have...I believe a minimum of 6 paying members, dues are due in August?

Would like to learn a bit more about what we get as members ( esp. now that you cannot become an individual member). I also would like to find out what the basic " schutzhund CLUB dues" are. We are going to all meet in the next few weeks, and discuss with comments and suggestions. I have heard everything from $100-$1000 a year in club dues. What do you pay/charge? We meet once a week ( and hopefully we will add one after our permanent field is up).

I would love to learn about it. I could talk to Randy during training, but it's always so hectic, and then during the week I know he works a lot, so I figured I would start here! Thanks
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