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Lymphoma and Chemotherapy

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Hello. I'm new here looking for people with experience with their GSD and lymphoma/chemo. My girl will be 9yo and last month was diagnosed with Lymphoma. I'm told its very common in the breed and I hoped someone had thoughts/experience. She's struggling with chemo and it's been a roller coaster. Our vet is amazing but I feel like I have to do more! So if anyone has suggestions experience I'd love to hear it! Thank you!

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I am sorry you are going through this. You may want to check out the below thread for some info.
Hi Julie,

My 4 year old is currently in remission. He was diagnosed almost 1 year ago - infact 1 year ago we were waitng the results of the needle aspirates! He began his chemo treatments mid May and achieved remission pretty quickly. He received the Madison-Wisconsin protocol which is 26 weeks long. He finished his treatments in Novemeber. He only had a couple of bad days during his treatments. We pre-treated for nausea a couple times, but in all he was fine. Had a reaction to the reglan so we don't use that. I would suggest joining the LymphomaHeartDogs yahoo group. It is specifically for dogs with lymphoma that are undergoing chemo.
There is alot of info and support there. I hope your girl is feeling better soon.
Good luck!
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