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Lymes disease

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Is anybody else having trouble with ticks this year? They are just terrible this season in south jersey. I have had at least 5 imbedded in me so far this spring. I had one on my back that my wife had to dig out and 10 days later I have a bullseye in that spot. I go to the doctor and they tell me "my friend you have lymes disease". Now I'm on 2 weeks of dicicoclyn (spelling) and they tell me that I should be ok after that. My back and neck and joints seemed to be hurting more than usual. This trully sucks. I can't go to the park anymore because every day I go theres ticks on me and Baron. I took him to my friends house today and I picked 4 off me at his house and 4 when I got home. Luckily they were all small and not fully embedded yet they just came right off. I soaked my pants with cutter and it didn't even phase them. Seems like I'll have to maybe switch to going to the beach instead or something I don't know.
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Well Diane I hope your wrong and two weeks is enough because with the headaches and upset stomach this stuff gives me two weeks seems like a eternity. That really sucks about your dogs, its always something. Can they function ok or do they feel any of the ills of it.
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