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Lymes disease

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Is anybody else having trouble with ticks this year? They are just terrible this season in south jersey. I have had at least 5 imbedded in me so far this spring. I had one on my back that my wife had to dig out and 10 days later I have a bullseye in that spot. I go to the doctor and they tell me "my friend you have lymes disease". Now I'm on 2 weeks of dicicoclyn (spelling) and they tell me that I should be ok after that. My back and neck and joints seemed to be hurting more than usual. This trully sucks. I can't go to the park anymore because every day I go theres ticks on me and Baron. I took him to my friends house today and I picked 4 off me at his house and 4 when I got home. Luckily they were all small and not fully embedded yet they just came right off. I soaked my pants with cutter and it didn't even phase them. Seems like I'll have to maybe switch to going to the beach instead or something I don't know.
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I live in Old Lyme CT,,the center of tick country..I, myself have never had lyme, it's pretty woodsy around here as well.

My dogs on the otherhand, have never had Lyme, however, are constantly testing positive (couple cases of high positives) for anaplasmosis / equii erhlichia...:((

I'm sure your doc put you on doxycycline..two weeks in my opinion is not long enough..but hey I am not a doctor..

I put my dogs on atleast 3 months of high doses of doxy, which still doesn't seem to knock it down.

Ticks are nasty buggers for sure
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