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I'm the proud owner of a 6 month old GSD, and have received conflicting advice on giving her vaccinations for Lyme disease.

We do live in an area that has a lot of ticks and several dogs have been tested positive (one within a mile of us).

The breeder trainer strongly recommends against it, as he believes that there is a strong correlation between the increase in joint and tendon and related injuries that he's been seeing and dogs getting this vaccine as well as the monthly flea and tick repellent that's usually applied to the dogs back...

Our vet has also given us mixed signals, some there advising it, but the one that's seen our pup the most agrees that it's not very effective and may not be worth the risks. She also added that most of the dogs that have tested positive either don't show any symptoms or respond well to treatment...

I've read a fair number of like minded posts on the web, was wondering what GSD owners on this site believe.

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