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Don't you just love when your GSD gets all mushy and wants luvs? Last night, Wolfie came over to me and gave me his paw. I shook hands and said hello, then tried to put his paw down, but he kept putting it back in my hand. We sat there and "held hands" for a few minutes, watching tv.Then he got in my lap. I had to push him off and only let him get his top half in my lap. He's way to heavy to be sitting on me. LOL He just stayed there, and put his head on my shoulder. I gave him hugs and he sat like that for a long time. Then a couple kisses and he was off playing again. Ahh Wolfie, you make me feel loved! :wub:
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I love that, too. Deuce gets so excited when I come home from the firehouse that he licks and loves all over me for a good 20 minutes and then lays down in my lap like to say "I know this way you won't leave me again!".
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