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Lumbosacral disease

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My GSD Malik was diagnosed a week ago with Lumbosacral disease (or LS). Luckily he's in the early stages of it, and the vet said on a scale of 1 to 10, his pain level is at 2. He limps some, doesn't like swimming as much anymore, and is not putting much weight on his left leg.
It's a real bummer, but the vet is great and suggested doing a catscan in the future to see if Malik is surgical or not. Then he'll send the results to a reputable neurologist in Fort Collins, CO, and see what she says. We're hoping that taking care of his early might cure him.
Unfortunately we can't treat him with Prednisone right now as he is still recovering from a case of Demodex. We are going to try acupuncture, though.
I haven't found any posts on the forum about it, and surprised as GSDs seem to be prone to it. Perhaps I didn't search well enough. Do any of you have had to deal with it and if so, do you have any suggestions or advice.
Thanks ahead.
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You may want to look into stem cell therapy for him. Accupunture should give you some relief. You also may want to look into chinese herbs, there are some specifically for back arthritis and back pain.
glucosamine/chondroitin/msm/cetyl myristoleate, maybe some alpha lipoic acid if you're seeing muscle pain caused by compromised nerves

chiropractic care for sure:

acupuncture should help too.
i would try and stay away from Preds if possible, especially if its going to be long term. there are so many other alternatives for this problem, i would go that route first.

Thanks for the info, I'll look into chiropractic work as well.
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