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Luckie from brewton, AL

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well he has since been renamed Zeke and is really starting to settle in. This poor guy had never been inside of a house before I don't think and was in stimulation overload after arriving. He is VERY smart and even though he does bark at things like the vacume or the hand drill, once I show him they are ok he is fine. He is very sure of himself, VERY. There were some conflicts between him and my female shepherd but once she put him in his place for the third time he finally left her alone.

He now eats with the other dogs and stays at his bowl, sits for his meal and is used to his crate. I am very happy I decided to adopt him. I had been wanting a male shepherd and was thinking about buying a puppy. This guy may be a little more work but he is exactly what I wanted.

He was really thin when I got him too at only 51 pounds, after a vet visit they discovered he had worms so he is being treated for that. I got SO many compliments on how well behaved he was at the vets, from the vet and the people out in the waiting room. Of course I had to chime in he was a rescue :).

Here is a pic of Zeke after a few laps around our pond.

I will upload more as I take them

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Thank you soooo much for helping Luckie, now Zeke. This pup looks so content and so safe in his new home!! Please keep us posted with new pics!!
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Its so nice to hear Zeke is exactly what you wanted.
He is very handsome and tired.. I love the picture.
Krista, I am so glad you posted. I've been wondering about how things were going. Smokey & Faith, the two black GSD's (father & daughter) that were there at the same time have been in boarding and finally arrived at St. Francis last weekend. So glad all three were saved.

Zeke is gorgeous and has obviously settled in well. Please post more pictures when you get a chance!
Kris, I am so glad to hear smokey and faith made it out ok. Zeke is a sweety and I am hoping after he moves past the brat phase he will be a big sweet dog. I am sure it won't be a day too soon for my other dogs lol. he was really good with everyone that came over for thanksgiving, he loves to sit and lick all the kids hands.

here are some more pics, sorry about the quality, my camera isn't the best.

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Hello again!

I wanted to share with everyone an update on Zeke and I could not be any more prouder of this dog than I am right now. We had a rocky start when I rescued him from animal control in Brewton, Al. He was a mess, unsocialized, underweight, and absolutely no training. To top it all off it didn’t seem like he and my female GSD, Molly were going to get along. He was a very sweet dog but once he bonded with me he became a holy terror, no one was aloud near me if they were not family and I would be lying if I didn’t tell you there were some nights I would cry myself to sleep wondering if I had made a really bad decision. I did not give up though.

Thanks to the great advice from the people on this board I took Zeke to obedience school. WHAT a great experience that was. Of course he did growl and bark at the instructor the first night but that was quickly solved with a well timed squirt ;). The assistant instructor in the class turned out to work for the GSD rescue in our area and trained his dogs for search and rescue. We couldn’t have happened onto a better place to help Zeke to learn that people were good and he didn’t have to be scared anymore. The best part was they understood him and showed great compassion for what he had been through.

At first I just wanting to survive obedience class but Zeke not only did well he thrived on it. He did so well it was mentioned to me that I should go further with him. So I applied for his ILP and got it and now we are working on getting his CD. This dog is so smart that I know we can do this. I am still learning however since this is the first time I have ever did anything like this. This has very much been a life changing experience for me and my love for this dog grows everyday we work together.


Below are some pics I took of Zeke with my kids…he LOVES to swim and loves to watch them fish even more ;).

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Krista - he looks terrific! What a crew you have. Your son is adorable and looks so cute sitting in the middle of all those dogs. Sounds like Zeke is going to be a superstar. Love pictures, so keep us updated!
What a wonderful and happy family you have!!! Great save!!!!
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