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luc isn't feeling well

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luc isn't feeling good.

i think he found some old food last night i was in the midst of cleaning and had sat down - he got a bit but not a lot.

he threw up - mostly bile (clear liquid, with a bit of food) 4 times this morning, but hasn't thrown up since.

he pooped and peed this morning, and peed mid-day (my brother took him out) and peed for me when i got home. he's quiet, but okay. no obvious gum/mouth problems and his stomach doesn't seem to be tender to the touch.

we didn't get the air conditioner put in the window in the den until yesterday, only the one in the rabbits room was in this weekend.

do i need to worry? i'm fasting him right now. i'm thinking maybe the heat?
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oh, and he drank lots of water last night, a normal amount today.
Could be one of those doggy things.....

I find that mine will throw up a bit of bile when they are cloe to getting fed again and they have been more active and are just plain hungry.

Hope Luc feels better.
I wouldn't panic just yet. Obviously if it continues more than a couple of days or symptoms worsen I would take him to the vet.

We have experienced this many times with Annabelle eating things she wasn't suppose to and it never lasted more than a few days.
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I know it's nothing to worry about - or, should I say, panic about....but I still am all 'OH NO!'.

He had a wee bit of diarrhea outside.

I did call the vet and they think it's probably just the heat, but yup, to take him in only if it continues.

My brother said he wasn't even interested in food this afternoon!
well he ate a small amount of kibble last night (i didn't give him anymore) since that was 24 hours since he was last fed.

he's kept that down, tried to have diarrhea this morning but not much to come out.

he wasn't interested in food this morning, so i gave him some pepcid and left out small amounts of enticing food. my brother will keep an eye on him and depending on how he's doing i may take him into the vet tonight.
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