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My first dog, a GSD cross, lived to be 16 years old. As a puppy, she mostly ate Purina Puppy Chow--back then there weren't many high-end kibbles available. We had Science Diet and Iams, but I couldn't afford those at the time.

As an adult, she ate Purina Dog Chow and Hi-Pro, and then Wayne kibble, which was considered a premium brand. She stayed on Wayne for several years, until I could afford Eukanuba Lamb & Rice. She was on that until old age.

It wasn't until she was about 13 that I discovered raw. So she got raw until she became very elderly, at which point I cooked chicken, eggs, and rice for her. She ate home-cooked food until she passed away at age 16.

She was always very healthy, never a sick day in her life. She did have dry skin and a flea allergy, but as long as I kept her on flea control she was fine. She also had a canteloupe-sized tumor removed from her abdomen when she was 13. She sailed through that without any issues.

Still miss her.
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