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LOST WGSD, Flint, Michigan

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"sandhillshepherds" [email protected]
Date: Mon May 19, 2008 6:06 pm ((PDT))

We had 2 girls get a gate open at a friends house 20 miles south of
Flint Michigan. And I am stuck In Iowa. My wife is there and has found
1 of the 2 Safe and sound but no signs on the other.. She is a 20 month
old female WGSD, Microchiped wearing a oversized choke coller

Her picture

5th picture down her name is Titey ******
Any help would be VERY appreciated

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Wow I was about to post the same thing.... as I just got it by email from my gsd email circle friends.
I received an e-mail this morning on the K9 Amber Alert Yahoo group that the second GSD was found this morning asleep in the wife's Tahoe!!

Welcome home, Titey!!

Found Re: Flint,Michigan White German Shepherd

My Wife found Titey sleeping in the Back of her Tahoe this morning (left doors open)

She is Safe and Sound

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Yup I got the same email.

Thank god Titey was found safe and sound. Hopefully doesn't go missing again!!!!!!
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