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LOST: mostly all-black male, Forest Grove, OR area

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CONTACT: 503-784-4435 or 503-803-013

Posted by: "Anderson, Michelle" [email protected] nikita2520022002
Date: Thu Jun 26, 2008 4:31 pm ((PDT))

This dog has been missing since Wednesday, June 25. He was spotted in Cornelius running down the highway about 6 am but then was seen again in Verboort about 1130 am, running down Visitation Road, then Osterman Road towards 47 or possibly towards Roy.

The dog is solid black with brown on his lower legs. The owner said the dog probally won't come to anyone until he's starving, so if spotted
please call me ASAP at 503-784-4435 or 503-803-0132 Michelle and I will immediatly come out, I also have the owners contact info. He could be anywhere by now because he's traveling pretty quickly.
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Update on Levi.

We (all that are tring to help) have been a day late, and a dollar short on this guy. He is now on a golf course, and has been gone so long that he is even fearful of his owner.

His owner was a few feet from him two days ago, but could not get him before he ran away.

Keep fingers crossed that he can be caught before something bad happens!!
Levi was brought into the shelter today after being found on a major hwy dead.

My heart is broken. I can not say how guily I feel.
On 6-13-08 I was three feet away from him and could not catch him.

Making the call to his owner was so painful.
Oh Paula, I'm so sorry for you, Levi and his family. Such a sad ending to this boy's life. Thank you for trying...
Oh Paula, I'm so so sorry to hear this. My sympathies to all involved. I know only to well the pain. . . . . . .
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