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The kennel attendant heard something in the night but was too tired to go check!
Gunner was badly injured by other dogs, the gash in his neck was so deep it damaged his muscle, the wounds are deep and required surgery, now they are infected and the fluid keeps having to be drained from the site. Gunner lost part of the tissue of his nose. He is being treated at a veterinary hospital. It just breaks our hearts to see our magnificent boy looking so pathetic and sad. He needs a foster home without other dogs, he is so afraid now, we can’t blame him.

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Oh my god. Poor baby!
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Poor baby. The kennel attendents need to be more observant!! At our shelter I saw a couple dogs fighting intensely.
Jack was even getting his butt kicked by a cattle dog mix.

This dog deserves to be spoiled with love
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oh my goodness, this poor pup. I can transport anywhere in Northern California all the way to the Oregon boarder if needed. If that would help please let me know. As a last resort he could be crated in my home overnight if needed as part of transport BUT I have three furbabies and it likely would not be the best surroundings for this babe.
OMG. What a shame for this guy to go through all this. I hope there is someone waiting to bring him into their heart!
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