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looking for the silver mesh net to throw over car

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This stuff allows the wind to blow through and reflects the light back off the car. Does anyone know where to buy it. I have seen large 6X8, 10X10, etc but can't find it in person or on the web.
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Have you tried eBay or craiglist? WARNING! DO NOT type in craiglist.COM! Google it, because if you do .com it won't be craiglist. LOL
The stuff I have seen used is called almuinet shade cloth, here's a link to some info

A friend is going to give me the link she ordered from tomorrow--it was the cheapest she could find.

Looks like the same stuff Julia posted--except the stuff I saw was not edged in anything--my teammates used alligator clips to fasten it to the cars.
I have one - got it a few summers was in a catalog - but cannot remember which one!!! The ones that come are from Jeffers, Carealot, and ???? - just threw a bunch away darn!

Mine is edged like a tarp, is big enough to cover the cab and full bed with tall cap on a Silverado 1500 and make a tent like cover when the tailgate is down and the rear window was around $100 - but great item.


EDIT - Duh, should read the whole thread - yea, got mine from PetEdge - that is the other catalog I get alot! Got the biggest one they had...has gone up a bit (what hasn't!!)
I found some at the dollar spot at Target. I don't know how big they are though.
Here is where my teammate got some. It is good for buying a bunch. $100.00 minimum order or they add $20.00 to the order.

If I buy enough for 4 10x12 pieces they are 40.32 each. Edging and grommets are extra.

Does any one know if the Petedge product is the same as the 70% Aluminet cloth (they come in several % shadings)?

I will have to check out Target!!
Thanks everyone. Ebay took me to a neat site with great prices. Check out
I am going to order a 12x12 with 90% shade.
Thanks for all the ideas.
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