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I’m new to this forum and would appreciate your help.

As the topic states, we are searching for reputable GSD breeders in the Florida or other SE regions. We are a married couple, own our own home, and have had dogs all our lives. We lost our first German Shepherd many years ago to a degenerative spinal disease. Our last dog, a boxer, lived a very full 14 years before cancer forced us to say goodbye. To be honest, we actually decided after the pain of losing her that she would be our last dog now that retirement is right around the corner, but the house is just too empty.

It’s taken some time, but we’re ready. Whether you’re a breeder yourself that thinks you might have a good fit for us, or you know a breeder that is, please feel free to contact us privately. The same goes for if you’ve had less than positive dealings with kennels in our area. This is a lifetime commitment for us and we’d appreciate any help you can provide!

What we’re looking for: Sex or color irrelevant, though we tend to lean towards females. Softer temperament though NOT timid! Confident without a high prey drive, a bit harder to evaluate in a pup but parents need to be calm and stable. We are looking for a family member, safe around children but also protective of us. We have and will work diligently to socialize and instill obedience work but are not interested in aggression training. Oh, a little eye candy is a definite plus but I do NOT care for some of the more extreme roached backs I’ve seen at one of our local shows. The same goes for general conformation. Though we’re looking for a pet and not a working dog, I personally do not care for blatant east/west or extreme cow hocked dogs. A well moving animal is a thing of poetry and a definite pleasure to the eye. An otherwise beautiful boy that will be required to be neutered due to cryptorchidism might be a perfect match for us.

A good breeder knows their lines and that’s what we would be relying on the most. I’ve never shown dogs but might be interested in doing so when I retire, but I also might not so ?? I HAVE bred and exhibited cats, from which I’ve retired, so I do understand the hoops a good breeder might want to require and have references available. When we were active, we were in no way volume or backyard breeders so appreciate the same in what we are seeking. We are in no hurry and while respecting they don’t have time to waste on kennel shoppers, we do want the chance to meet the breeder before buying a puppy. We will NOT put down a deposit on a puppy until we’ve at least seen the facilities.

In short, we want a family member that will share our home and our lives, a dog that will ultimately be calm and steady, safe around sticky hugs from grandchildren, but will also be a deterrent against someone with the wrong intent. In short, we want a great dog to share our hearts and our home and need your help finding him or her!

Thank you
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