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Beyond the ignorance that the test even exists, which is prevalent, the biggest part of the problem is that very few people have the rational, balanced view of the topic that you do, in that it is only part of the overall huge list of things that needs to be taken into consideration for breeding. There are many, many people, particular "armchair breeders" on internet forums like this one, who will loudly proclaim their opinion that no dog who comes back anything less than clear should be bred.. and OFA Fairs should never be bred, and any dog who's 2nd cousin twice removed might have possibly have had allergies should never be bred, and... well, you get the picture. If they all had their say, there would be no GSDs left to breed at all. This irrational, paranoid attitude on the part of many people is something that breeders are very well aware of, and unfortunately it means that many would rather not know the results of tests like this than risk being crucified in the court of public opinion by people who really don't have a clue about what breeding is all about.
I somewhat of an "armchair" breeder but my initial reaction to this thread was similar to what Chris is saying. There are so many tests for this, that, and the other thing but people need to realize that not all of these tests are 100% or even close, not all of these disorders should automatically disqualify a dog from breeding, and nothing is a substitute for all the years of working with these dogs and amassing the hands-on knowledge of their bloodlines that breeders put into their breeding programs.

It also upsets me how our litigious culture that wants to blame everyone else and make them pay is now spilling over into dog ownership. EVERY puppy is a gamble. You simply cannot "guarantee" hips or DM or anything else.
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