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Looking for a playmate for my dog

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So my dog used to come with me everyday to a doggy daycare when i worked there but now there aren't any that are close to me. I have tried finding friend's dogs for her to play with but only one has a big dog ( he is too aggressive ) the others all have little dogs and they are scared of my dog. She would do best with a big goofy male dog. If anyone is close by and interested please pm or just let me know! I am in WNY.
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How FAR west in NY? I'm in Northern NJ and I have a 5 month old pup. She LOVES to play. Probably too far, huh?
Like almost to Buffalo your prolly quite a few hours away but i would do it for Ary cuz i love her so much lol.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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