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Kodee has the Leerburg Leather collar (along w/the 4 ft, 6 ft and traffic leashes from Leerburg
and I love it. I ordered a stainless steel tag (the Rivet one in Medium size) from this site:

The tag is great quality, and was money well-spent.

I took his collar and the tag to a leather worker nearby and had him rivet the tag onto the collar for me, as the leerburg leather collar was too thick for the small rivets that came with the tag. It cost me $7.00 to have it riveted, but believe me, it's not coming off! If my contact info changes, they can remove/replace the tag, but I plan on Kodee having this collar for his entire life. It's great quality, and at 1 year old, he still has a couple of notches left to grow into if he needs to.

Before I got the rivet tag, I tried the SlideOn Collar Tag from the same site, but the regular size wouldn't fit on the thick leather, and the "double thick" tag was so loose it fell off everytime I took the collar off of Kodee. I was afraid I'd lose it without noticing and he'd be running around tagless.

I clean his collar and leash w/leather cleaner and conditioner about once every month or two, and it looks brand new.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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