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Hey all.

Chloe is officially 2 years old today. For her birthday, she gets to go tracking and play with sheep as a celebration.

She's still a little punk, hard to deal with sometimes. But she loves to work. Glad Poohbear sent her to me rather than elsewhere.

First pix is a shelter pix of Chloe. Second is one from when she was close to 1 year old (okay, 8-9 months), and the last ones were taken back in April along the Chilliwack eiver.

We're hoping for many more happy years with this girl. As she's grown up, its become clear that she looks more Australian Kelpie than German Shepherd but I love her just because she's my girl. (I guess most of the people here already knew that but just wanted to be polite ;))



1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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