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Look who found my heart!

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Well earlier today I was interested in adopting a posted dog, Vullf. After contacting the POC for Vullf and finding out he had alredy found a home, I decided to play around with the search feature on this site. After about 15 minuets of searching I ran across

I decided why not do some searching on that site. I perused the local shelters where I found the most absolutely perfect companion! He was at a shelter nearby where they listed him as "not much time left". This broke my heart being that he is only 3-4 years old. So I cleaned out the ole' jeep and scooted on over there. When i got to the shelter and laid eyes upon him I fell in love!

His name is Bear, he is between 3 and 4 years old. The shelter picked him up as a stray and know the previous owners very well. He had been picked up twice before and both times were warned to keep their dog on a leash...they failed to do so. The third time, the shelter decided not to bring him back, rather adopt him to someone who would give him the care he deserved!

When we got home Bear and I hit it off as if we had known each other forever! He did the "dog thing" and sniffed about the house for a good 20 minuets but after that he wanted to play! Ever since we got home he has been at my feet so curious as to what I am doing, God i love this dog!!! Here are some pictures--pre-bath and brushing ^_^.

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What a beauty, the look on his face kind of looks like he returns the sentiment...........
MY GRAND PUPPY!!! Billy- We're so glad you found the perfect dog. When we talked to you on the phone after Bear got home- well , you sounded like a brand new proud Papa! He is absolutely GORGEOUS!!! I sure hope when you bring him back to Michigan with you on a visit, he and his "cousin Tasha" get along good. Again - Congrats and enjoy. Love ya- Mom and Dad.
Congratulations! I wish you and Bear many happy years together! And thanks for rescuing!
He is stunning! It is always nice to hear rescue stories.
Sounds like the way I found Sarge. Really wasnt thinking about getting a dog until I heard his story of abuse and decided to give it a try. Smartest thing I ever did. Good luck, I drive a jeep too and sarge is always with me where ever I he is:

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What a beautiful face! And he looks so happy....

Congratulations on your new addition! We adopted our little rescue girl last October and couldn't be happier.
congratulations and wayyy to go!!! Adoption is so great. My wish is that the both of you have MANY wonderful adventures and years together!! Lucky boy and Lucky you!!!
Congratulations on wonderful Bear! You have a new best friend for life in him. Great save!!
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Congratulations on adopting a wonderful boy. So glad you both found each other. He looks so happy to be with you.
Congratulations to both of you! He looks as happy to be there as you are to have him.
Wow - the previous owners were nuts not to love this dog...He is gorgeous. You and he are both very lucky - have fun!
I am so happy for both of you! Congratulations and keep us updated!!
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Yeah!!!!! I am so excited you guys found each other! Bear looks like he has been there all his life..
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Congrats to you both. He is absolutely stunning! Amazing the way things happen, isn't it? Destiny at work again...
what a handsome boy
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