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locust/cicadas.....Emma ate one

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Will it make her sick? I tried getting it from her, but by the time I could get to her, she swallowed it.
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our dogs go for a bug or two, I dont really worry about it but I did read somewhere to discourage it as some bugs could have pestcides, stingers, some other noxious substance..ect
Kelso loves to hunt for bugs

as far as cicadas, I googled it and found this link

i never knew cicadas where a delicacy
Anyway, scroll down the page and it says they are harmless to dogs unless they eat to many and it could cause a blockage from too many skins

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Thanks for this link, it helped alot....My gosh how can one eat those things? YUCK!
Great protein. We had our 7 year occurrence last summer and the dogs ate quite a few. No problem at all.
John the Babtist ate locusts and wild honey. I suppose it is unlikely to hurt a dog if people can eat them, though that is not 100% true. But bugs are a part of nature and dogs will eat them.

Dubya has been eating a regular stream of carpenter bees and I watched Babsy scarf one down today. No way am I going to fight her for a bee.

One would think that with the price I pay for dog food, and the vigilence I practice in choosing treats, my dogs would be too picky to eat gross stuff. Wishful thinking. I suppose we just have differing opinions as to what is gross.
Well she did fine over night, so she's fine...but she did manage to gobble her another one...Semms like when a GSD is determined to eat something, you are not going to take it away.
I can pick anything out of any of my dog's mouths. But I draw the line at bees if they want to get stung, fine.
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