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Ah its the little bits of progress that make it all worth it :)

Huter is 19 weeks. He is stubborn, full of energy, too smart for his own good, growing independence and therefore pushing his boundaries and my patience.

But he keeps learning, and every time something "clicks" and he does what he's supposed to, it makes all the hard work and exhausting days worth it. Especially since, he knows when he's made me happy and you can see the joy in his face.

For weeks and weeks he tries desperately to escape my bedroom on the way out in the morning and bolt to the spare bedroom to try and get the cat food. Usually I manage to prevent it, but I have weak hands in the morning so he sometimes gets away from me and scarfs the cat food. This morning, he got away from me and bolted for the cat food, then stopped half way there and looked at me. I said "leave it" he turned around and came to me without taking one bite of cat food. He sat down next to me and looked up. I had treats near by and boy did he get them and lots and lots of love.

This week he's also managed to remember to sit and wait to be invited in at both the front door and back door EVERY time. He's started obeying more difficult commands from across the room and without a treat; such as leave it, stay, go lay down, off etc.... He wants to please me, just needs a reminder. He's also doing SOOOO good on his impulse games. I can put multiple treats in front of him, and then point to which one he should take. He eats the one I point to and completely leaves the others until I tell him. No reminders or anything. And the big one is the puppy biting. He's actually correcting himself, because he's learned I stop playing with him if he bites me. So every once in awhile he gets to wound up and teeth land on my skin, but he pulls away really quick and looks at me like "please dont leave!" sometimes he goes from accidental teeth to licking to make it all better ;)

Man GSD pups are a lot of work. But I'm loving every day and I love seeing him learn and grow into such a good dog!

On a different note, He's experiencing some major growing pains this week. He gets to sleep outside of his crate, in his bed next to my bed sometimes as he sleeps all night and doesnt have accidents. Well, last night he woke me up 5 times for what I can only assume were growing pains. He'd get up, lay his head on the edge of the bed next to my face and wimper softly. This is not his potty routine. Id wake up, and pet him. He'd nuzzle his face in my hand, give a couple licks and lay down right next to the bed. He'd sleep for a little while and then wake up and do it again. It didnt seem like anxiety, it seemed like he just wanted some comfort. When we woke up in the morning he climbed in my lap and just nuzzled me and making little groaning noises. He seemed back to normal by the afternoon and tonight he's totally passed out.
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