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I'm looking at new puppies, but having a difficult time truly understanding linebreeding. I know it's essentially a percentage of inbreeding, but I'm getting mixed views as to what is desirable linebreeding vs too much! I don't want a pup that has health issues, obviously, and want to make the most sensible decision that I can. If all factors are the same, good breeder, good dam and sire (hips good, etc). Is there really a good reason to be linebreeding 5 - 10% anymore? And if not linebred themselves, are puppies who have dams and sires who are significantly linebred better or worse?

For example, I have one puppy who has both dam and sire at 9 to 12% linebred, but in seperate lines so the puppy is not linebred. Is this correct?

I have also seen a puppy who is 5% line bred, 3-4 and 3%, 4, 5-5 . What does this mean?? And which puppy may be healthier so to speak? Are these acceptable figures or should I be seriously considering looking elsewhere? Thank you!
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