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I don't think linebreeding is an indication of a healthier puppy. It's all about the specific genetics in the pairing.

My dogs
Faren vom Warkonhaus

Seger vom Sitz von der Hose

When you look at Faren's pedigree, you'll see a lot of line breeding on the Barenfang kennel and even though these dogs are 7 generations back, the daughter of the kennel owner sees a lot of characteristics in my puppy to her parents dogs. We can see a ton of similarity in her Karn grandson to our puppies who have Karn in generation 5. She's very heavily stamped on her mothers side where there is more linebreeding on the Barenfang dogs.

My boy carries more similarities to his mother's side in temperament where the line breeding goes back to Lord.

When dogs are line bred up close like a 2-3, the breeder is usually trying to bring certain traits like health, temperament, working ability and drives.
Looking at Farens pedigree....she has Gambits grandsire Ernst 5 generations back!
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