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POSTED 10/16 Can you help us with either or both of these dogs. If you can't, do you know of anyone that might be able to help?

CONTACT: [email protected]

Bravado & Frankie! 2 German Shepherd Dogs (black (bi-color) male tripod & white male) Two German Shepherds at the Linden Animal Shelter in Perry County (Exit 143 on I-40)
Bravado is slightly older dog and in desperate need of help. When he was brought to the shelter is was obvious that he had been horribly neglected. He was emancipated and his fur was very matted. He has three legs and it seems his left rear leg was surgically removed at some point in his life. We have been taking care of him but we have very limited resources. His fur is not as matted and he has gained a little weight. He is the most docile and affectionate animal at the shelter.

Looks like he was out on his own for a long time? What a sweet face. :help:

The shelter doesn't seem to have a web page but has a Petfinder member page: Main Heading Goes Here Subheading Goes Here
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