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Levels Training - Sue Ailsby Website

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I have been using Sue's level program for my new classes. I went back to her page for a refresher and it is gone! anyone else know about this site or why it has disappeared?
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It is under construction. Sometimes web owners will do that when they are doing a major revamp on their site, they are moving from one server to a different company, or a few other reasons that could fit.

The site is working just fine now--I think it was only a temporary down.

I just want to take this opportunity to say this is my absolutely favourite site to go to for dog-training advice and I definitely recommend it to anyone starting out with dog-training or anyone who doesn't have access to a good dog trainer or just about anyone who owns a dog.
While I do not train "purely" positively myself, I can't think of a better beginning, middle or end of training than what Sue outlines in her training levels.

Thanks for bringing attention to such a wonderful online book!
I noticed that the other day
She must have been adding a few things. I just got a little panicie! Because it was/is such a great site. I don't follow the program to the letter, but very close.

I had taught typical 8 week classes and sort of used her outlines for developing the new level classes I am doing instead. Of course I have her website addy and email address in the handouts because I do use her layout, it is only right afterall, even if I don't take it word for word.

Her site really is great for those that don't have access to a trainer and want to do things at home. I personally train my own dogs a little differently and definately not in the order she does through the levels, but great methods/techniqes are outlined there.

My pleasure!
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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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