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Lessions we've learned

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Just wondering what are some of the lessions you've learned from your
dog(s)? I think for me its to never hold a grudge. Dogs never hold a grudge, they live in the here and now. What happened ten min's ago matters little to them now-they just want to be loved.

I've also learned that physical things matter little, but what really matters is how they feel about themselfs. Things get broken, stuff gets dirty but what really matters to me is how they feel about themselfs. Their self esteem is so much more important to me than say the rug or the furniture.
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The most imprtant lesson I have learned is pay attention to what the most experienced folks on this board suggest. You mignt disagree, and subsequently figure out your were wrong.

For example, after my GSD had surgery, he was very aggressive toward the vet. The vet suggested I was not in charge, and said I should pin him down, and let him know I am the Alpha leader.

Almost without exception, the folks on this board said that was wrong. Use NILIF, visit the clinic often, and get your dog to be comfortable again. There suggestions worked, and there is more constructive advice I have gotten.

This above might be a bit off topic. Lessons from my dog, he will never have an E-Collar. I know this is a much debated subject, but in Timber's case, like me, he does not like getting shocked, even a nick.
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I've learned patience and to control my frustration from Risa. There is no point in getting all worked up over things. It solves nothing. Take a couple deep breaths, collect yourself, look at why it's not working, and figure out a new solution. Of course, I tend to only use this strategy when I'm training with her and not as much in my day-to-day life as I should. But I'm getting better and I don't 'fly off the handle' as easily as I used to.

I've also learned that sometimes you just need to move on. You don't need to forget things in the past that you regret. But there's no point in dwelling on them either. All that really matters is now. The past is over and the future may never come.

And, when all else fails, be goofy! Who cares how you appear to others. Enjoy yourself and make yourself happy!
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I've learned that if we raise our dogs to respect us and trust us, they will do almost anything we ask of them.

If they act out of character, trust them - they may sense a bad situation.

Also, let a dog be a dog. Play is as important as work - for all of us.
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If people suddenly begin shrieking and running away from you, check to see that you don't have your upper lip caught up on your dry upper gums, revealing your fangs.

Kids are fun to be friends with.

A raised paw lures in an audience.

Burp following every meal.

You can never grin enough.

Wait to tidy up your unmentionable zone until you are on a bus crammed full of observant little old German grandmas.

If you stomp on Dad's scale hard, a little dial will spin entertainingly.

Kitties rule the world. They even say so.

You can actually kiss the vet with your prehensile tongue through the hole opening at the end of the muzzle. Aim for her ear.

Any yogurt smeared on the fridge means you are gonna get your height measured.

A raw turkey drumstick dropped from the 12th floor balcony makes the downstairs neighbors a lot happier than it makes you.

Moaning or yodeling will increase the intensity of the butt-scritching or chest-rubbing you are receiving.

Terriers are tougher than you, they should all come with their own black leather jackets.

Earthworms are part of a balanced, nutritious raw diet plan.

Grandmas are especially vulnerable to a sweetly cocked head, raised paw, and a doofus expression.

A squeaky toy that vibrates your whole head when bitten is a GOOD thing!
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Communicate clearly.
Be consistent.
Be honest.
Keep promises.
Fun, lots of it, belongs in life. Every day.
Appreciate humility.

Love is possible again. While I didn't believe it and I miss my sweet Allie; because of Samson, I know that I have room in my heart for many, many more.
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To not judge people so quickly.

To have fun and not be so serious all the time.

That no matter where we are, there is always a toy close by to play with.

Running around in a crouch position while making strange noises really makes other people laugh and bring everyone closer together.
probably a lot of things but the one that sticks out the most for me is patience..I had never been a patient person until dogs

also, messes clean up, I also USED to be a neat freak
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