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Leather Leashes

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Can anybody recommended a website to order a leather leash? I had a braided one that I had for years and was quite attached to it. lol. I got distracted by the phone, left it on the puppy, came back 30 minutes later or so and it was chewed in half. My fault I know. lol.
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There are lots of them on ebay. (I always look there first!)
Not a website, but check local tack shops for leather lead shanks. I have one, love it and it's pretty durable. We've had braided lead shanks before too. They do seem more durable.
I get all of my leashes from here. I think I have every length they sell and they wear like iron:
I looked there. It's not what I am looking for. This leash that I had was my mothers and I have a feeling that it will be impossible to replace. It looked like a man or a woman's belt, flat, considered one-piece braiding.

I found a place that made one similar to the one I had at
how long, how wide??? I can get them done...

I got my leather leash from Ray Allen -
I've bought leather leads from

Do a search for "leash" as well as "lead." You'll get different results.
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I got mine on eBay from a guy called 'leashman.' GREAT leather leash. It has withstood one year of puppy, the ocean, numerous training sessions on wet grass, and countless instances of puppy pulling on the leash during rag work.
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I looked for Leashman on ebay. No luck.
Lee, what can you do for me? Can you show me pictures? I am not sure if I really want a 6' leash. I thought my last one was a 4 footer. Now I am not so sure what I want because I never measured the old one. lol. If the dog is well trained to heel, is there really a need for a longer one? I just wanted a nice leash for everyday use. I have one that's red nylon and it's just extra material to carry.
I get most of my leashes from here, and have always had great results with them holding up.
I just received one from, and it doesn't look like it will last long. I wanted a rolled one, and they are very hard to find. Well, the stitching looks very weak and where the handle connects, it is stitched together, I thought it would have been braided, also made in China. I only paid $10.95 so I guess I got what I paid for:) I have a 15 yr. rolled one that I love-wish I could find another!
Originally Posted By: HistorianI got my leather leash from Ray Allen -
+1 for Ray Allen...

I got leather leashes and a real nice heavy duty leather collar for Jasper, very nice equipment.

Gotta love living in rural PA near the Amish.
I have purchased 95% of my collars, leashes and harnesses from them. Better quality and better prices (most of the time).
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Gun Dog Supply has a big selection of leather leads and collars, too. I bought one of their "field grade" oiled leather collars from them and have been really, really happy with the quality. It was only $6 and comes with a free brass ID plate.

They also have Latigo leather leashes for $16.
We buy all our leather leashes from Ray Allen. I'm told by several people Leerburg also carries excellant leather leashes.

Here is his eBay profile. I guess he doesn't have anything on sale right now.
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