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I'm curious as to what type of leash you use. We use a standard nylon leash but reading the info on upcoming classes for Chevy, it states that they prefer leather leashes. Is there a reason why leather leashes would be preferred? Thanks!
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The thin cotton or leather leashes are best for training. Easier to hold cause they don't slid out of your hand. Coil easily to contain in your hand. And no nylon 'burn' if you dog does get a jerk of the leash in.

I know I had a 6' cotton leash that was recommended when I started. Worked well and a bit of a savings from the leather. But I know others wouldn't use anything else other than leather.
Nylon doesn't snap like leather. The thinner leather the better to get a good pop on it. A really good one has braiding on both ends. Saw some nice ones on ebay...
I have a four ft. rolled leather(braided at both ends) that is 14 yrs. old and broken in. I love it, but it is getting worn. I have tried to find another the same quality and so far no luck...jefferspet had one that I ordered, stitching was poor and the handle was attached without braiding, just loose stiches, so I was disappointed in it and haven't ever used it.
onyx'girl try checking out the leather leashes at

The handle is braided.

I prefer leather but cotton is good, nylon is so-so.
I definitely prefer leather and I have too many leashes to describe them all.
I have everything from a 4ft long 3/8" wide leather line with no handle to a 30' cotton line. I do have two 6' nylon lines (only nylon I own) but those are for tracking only, occasionally to attach a ball or tug to when I don't have anything else handy.
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Leather. Always except for the cheap emergency leads I keep around. Buy a rein and build your own. That "braid" is simply the leather turning in on itself. You can get the snap at the tack shop too. The neatest leash I've found is about 8 feet long leather. It has a snap at each end and two small rings & one large ring. You can use it for one dog and adjust the length and quickly and conveniently tether the dog or you can fasten it around your waist or you can walk two dogs with it (and have a handle in the middle) or what I really like, is you can fasten it short enough to carry bandolero style without any tail dragging when you're doing something like going on a trail ride or doing some off lead work. The one I got was stitched and it was on close-out at Petsmart and the only one left. I found a later version but it was only rivited. Riviting doesn't do.
For training I have a 6 foot lead, a four foot lead (with a ring at the handle too) and a collar tab - all leather.
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