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So i took my puppy for a walk for the first time today. At first i let him sniff things and explore then i carried on walking. The second time i just walked with out giving him the opportunity to explore.

When my pup is on the lead he does not walk infront of me, but right behind my legs. He also jumps while walking. I cant get him to walk calmly beside me with out him jumping on the back of my legs or jumping in general.

He has been on a lead since we got him (3 weeks ago). He was put on a lead to go potty outside and i have walked him up and down the garden but the same issue.

I have noticed that less 'jumping' and more peaceful walking happens when he is on the left hand side of me. I want to walk him on my right as the road is to the left of me

Any tips on how to achieve this?
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