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Learning My pups pedigree.

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Im really interested in bloodlines as a whole and just want to know more about my pups bloodlines from some more expierenced people.

This is mostly on his dad's side i think i know enough of his mom's side as far as ciwan tordjberg (sp?) and yoschy and troll and the big names but as far as his dad i want to know more

My pups grand-dad is Xamm vom sennertal who is son to Nero vom sennertal and he has alot of other "sennertal" in his whole pedigree. Can anyone tell me about Sennertal and more specifically nero and xamm? All of those dogs are on the top

He has great-grand dad on the bottom named Mando vom haus Antverpa. Does anyone know anything about him at all? He is a Arek Stoffelblick son.

And one last one (sorry its so long i just want to know more about these dogs and what they bring in terms of genetics) is the linebreeding on Rick van tiekerhook im sure he wont play a factor as its a 5,5-5 linebreeding but i would still like to know about him.

Thanks in advance guys i appreciate it!!!
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maybe i should have been more clear. I want to know how these dogs where aka hardness, agression, clear headedness, etc. If anyone has any info on just one of them and what they were bringing to my pups bloodline thats why i only mentioned grand/great grandparents because I would think it doesnt matter much behind that but im sure i could be wrong so if anyone has anything about those dogs i would much appreciate it. Thanks
You ever titled a dog?
What level they reached speaks volumes.
Since many of them were in Germany, and many likely long gone,
I doubt anyone here is going to have personal knowledge of their
i understand the titles and im not totally new to bloodlines i just want to know what type of dogs those specific ones i named were. Your right a lot of them are long gone but people still know how Stoffelblick was, or Troll, or Mink, etc.

I'm simply asking if anyone knows anything about the dogs i named in terms of aggression etc, just like if i was completly new, and asked about Troll for ex. i guarantee you someone could tell me what i was looking for in terms of what type of dog he was.
Well good luck with that.

In terms of aggression, if folks don't train dogs with good drives to be well behaved, aren't consistently strong leaders, and let the dog run things, problems can easily develop. It's seldom the dog, more often the handlers, and too often, those folks point blame to the dog's genetics rather than look in the mirror. Not saying this may be your concern, rather hoping aloud it isn't. Strong dogs need strong leaders, and environment produces at least as many if not more issues than genetics.

I hope you find what you're looking for.

Given the context of his post and the bloodlines he's asking about, I think he's inquiring about aggression in the sense of how the dog views protection work (the old "sport" dog vs "real" dog thing). Not in the sense of a dangerous pet with unstable temperament or poor raising and training, or a Stephen King novel.
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Let's hope so! Seems like awesome lines, from what I can decipher.

Had just had a phone conversation about a dog who's owner wasn't being too consistently leader with and the difficulties it creates. Even among the household, different members being inconsistent with the dog were exacerbating the effort to shape behavior and causing confusion...didn't mean to infer OP had this issue, just "hoping aloud" it wasn't the case.
Alice is the very first pedigreed dog that I ever owned...I'd have to review her papers and reserch it. I know that her mother's kennels are very high drive working dogs and Alice has a high level of social aggression so I think that I've been too busy focusing on Alice opposed to her relatives and ancestors. *grin*

As my other half says, "She's alot of dog"

but knowing what I do about the social aggression and high drive that's how she ended up being named Alice Kramden.
"the first german shepard on the moon Alice!" ;-)
I didn't know Mando, but I have experience with lines from his sire, Arek Stoffelblick. Smaller, thick dogs, lots of power and fight in protection, aggression, very very hard, not always the most biddable. This is one of my most favorite lines which I try to cross with more biddable lines.

HERE is a comment about Xamm. His grandsire, Iko Lindenhalle was known for producing aggression, high fight, very handler hard dogs. Asko vom Joufne Keyleff could produce excellent aggression, fight. I would think he would produce biddable dogs looking at his sire lines, but maybe not since his dam was a Körbelbach. The Asko dogs I saw crossed with the Tiekerhook lines, though, could be rather crazy in drive. I would guess Xamm was a hard dog with a lot of fight drive, maybe not the easiest dog in obedience. Of course this is a guess.
Thank you Lisa this is what i was looking for when i posted this question.

Does anyone have anything to add?
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