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So, I never had the chance to check out the SchH club in Cumming due to changes (mainly in my job). I now work Sunday, Monday, every other Tuesday, Wednesday, and every 3rd Saturday afternoon at a vet's office. So hopefully I will be able to check it out soon now that my job will not interfere. If I'm unable to do so, then I will take it as a sign that I do not have the ability to participate at this time. I will be, however, attending some actual competitions with a coworker and her GSD. :)
I have been doing a little more research online about the different lines, though. Along with this, I have been able to meet shepherds from different lines at work, the dog park, and so on. I actually met a very handsome Von Lotta male about a week ago, who I found very impressive. His gait was REMARKABLE!!! :wub:
Anyways, I recently visited one of the ladies working with the Shepherd Club of Woodstock/Atlanta (part of GSDCA). She had a large amount of show line dogs at the location I visited and I got to interact with both WGSL and ASL shepherds. I will be going back tonight with my coworker, and will likely be visiting regularly.
So far, I am leaning towards getting a West German Showline pup as my next shepherd. I am learning the basics of show (quite slowly), and have decided that if I can find a good herding trainer/location in North Ga I will be getting him into that :)
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