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So you may be doing to much to fast so she's tuning out. Or you are just overwhelming her and she's shutting down. Or she's bored and taking a load off!

Are you doing the training in conjuction with a trainer and dog class? Usually they have tons of tips to prevent any/all of the above.

I know I PERSONALLY start all training as FUN FUN FUN WHOOPEE!!!!! So my dog may not do the proper thing, but she's in the game, focused and paying attention. I choose to start with tons of teeny REAL treats (chicken/cheese/liver/etc) and feed my dog constantly when we start so she constantly is feeling BRILLIANT!! Getting my dog's to have a good attitude to WANT to interact and learn new things from me is my first and main goal. Once that is developed and encouraged, the actual 'training' goes so much easier.

I also frequently stop (before she wants to) and we have a rousing game of tug/ball, then go back to training. Truthfully, whether I'm training 'obedience', tricks or agility. My dogs all think it's the same big fun game! So they are involved and having fun.

I personally find the clicker helps with this cause it forces me to break down a behavior and give real feedback and treats (so the dog really learns and understands) rather than just more verbal praise (cause frankly I kind of tell her how wonderful she is all day every day all the time). So the sound of the clicker is different, has to be earned and always means food or play.

Remember, you need to set your dog up to succeed in training. AND you should always stop training BEFORE the dog wants to. Before they get bored/overwhelmed/tune out.

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