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Lawrenceville, GA - ID#4558, M 3 YRS, B/T

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This post is cut & pasted from another thread. OP was Chance's Mom

I went to take a look at the shelter list and spotted 2 BEAUTIFUL GSD's who need a home. They're at Gwinnett County Animal Control (Click to go to the website) which is in Northern Georgia.

The second one could really use a rescue/foster home to talk to them/take him. They're not sure if they'll adopt him out because he's "semi-friendly" and scared.
Which means here, he doesn't have much of a chance. Poor baby looks like a big teddy bear. I adopted Chance from them, they're always packed and it's LOUD! Poor things probably frightened.

My Internal ID Number is 4558 49th listing
I am a Male,PEN 152, German Shepherd, Black/Tan
The shelter thinks I am about 3 Years of Age
I will be available for adoption starting on 07-06-08
Found Stray: Large Breed, Young Adult, Weight: 100lbs, Scared, Semi-Friendly. Had on Black Collar. Not Adoptable till farther evaluation.

Press ctrl + F and put in their numbers for an easier search.

The male looks to be in great condition though, just in need of a home that can work with him.
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