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Lawrenceburg, KY - #151 Sadie -Beautiful B&T F OTI

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Is this a kill shelter?

"Hello there! My name is Sadie and, as you can tell, I'm a beautiful german shepherd girl. Most of the dogs here are strays, but I was an owner turn-in. He said I won't come to him when called. I guess I just have a mind of my own, but I don't think that's a bad thing. I'm sure there's somebody else out there who will want me, so I'll be waiting here when you decide to come get me." Why pay hundreds of dollars for a pet at a store, when you can save a life by adopting a homeless pet? Adoption fee for dogs is only $95 and adoption fee for cats is only $75, and that INCLUDES the spay/neuter and vaccinations! That's like paying for the veterinary fees and getting the pet for FREE! You can find the link to our adoption application at the bottom of this page.

Anderson Humane Society
Lawrenceburg, KY
(502) 839-8339
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You can never tell if they are kill or no kill by having the "humane" in their description;however if you look at their website, available on their petfinder page, they look to be a progressive shelter can always email them
a beautiful girl
link to their mission
Quote:Is this a kill shelter?

The humane society and the pound are in buildings next to each other and often the dogs posted by the humane society are still actually in the pound. Either way, they should be considered urgent. Neither facility is large and they get a lot of animals. They are, however, very rescue friendly and very easy to work with.
Thanks I will ask the mods to move her
I just saw on Mazie's thread that GSD101 posted this
Quote:We are pulling Mazie this weekend,,,,,,and Sadie who is at the same shelter. Jo GSRAW
I will be moving both threads to follow up.

Thank you GSRAW
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