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Grim is a shy but very sweet 1.5 year old male black GSD. Grim's name should actually be lucky with everything he has gone through, he was originally brought to a clinic by a stranger who found him on the streets when he was just a few months old. When he was brought in his right rear leg was cut down to the bone and infected, it looked as if it got caught in wire and ripped free. The clinic patched him up and one of the employees took him in and began taking him to training to try and work on his highly scared/skittish behavior. She worked with him for about 3 months until her grandparents (who she lived with) no longer wanted him in the home due to his size and shedding. She gave him to the trainer they were working with but sadly Grim managed to escape the night he was brought home and now eight months later we was found and returned to the original employee from the clinic but she still can not keep him so we have taken him in and are currently trying to find him a good, loving, forever home.

Now, on to his characteristics, he is still skittish but we have been told he has actually gotten a lot better from before he was gone. He is mainly skittish around unknown one on one contact with people, he seems to do better in groups of people and he does well with all dogs. He is house broken and can use a doggy door. He is also neutered and is up to date on shots until august he is due on two shots.

Lastly, his paw is still scarred and bothers him just a little bit every so often. He runs just fine on it and can walk long distances.

If anyone is looking to give this great guy a home pm, email, call, or txt me:
[email protected]

[/url] photo by jaime_hastings, on Flickr[/IMG]

[/url] image by jaime_hastings, on Flickr[/IMG]
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