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Following on from this thread -
All is well with the pup who is now 3 months old except the fact that I have created a food monster
He turns his nose at dry (or wet) kibble
I know that I am supposed to show him some tough love- take away his bowl etc
But it's incredibly hard to do so, esp with his current metabolism/growth rate that makes him look emaciated even if he eats less in a single meal

For now, I have resigned to the fact that I have made him a fussy eater and am topping his kibble with boiled eggs and cooked chicken/ chicken broth
Now for some reason, he goes mad at the sign of any dairy product so I topped his food once with my kid's formula and he lapped it up

I was half expecting watery poo next morning but he seemed to have tolerated it well ...
I next topped up his food with cottage cheese and reconstituted skimmed milk and he handled that as well with no change to the poo over the next couple of days

Question - It would appear he can digest lactose
Would it be a good idea to top up his food with regular milk?

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Would it be a good idea to top up his food with regular milk?

Raw Goat's Milk would be MUCH better!

It contains PROBIOT's to help keep the gut healthy. Over 75% of the Immune System lies in the gut, so, Probiotic's are very important.

A local "Doggie Boutique" will carry this frozen: Put your zip code in the following to see what store near you carries it. Pet Supply Plus and Bentley's Pet Stuff usually carry frozen goat milk.

This company will ship it to you frozen, but I there is a minimum $$ order and shipping costs.

Always begin with half of the recommended amount on carton, and slowly work up to dose suggested, so as not to cause gut upset.

Moms :)
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