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Give some live probiotics while your dog is on the antibiotics. It will keep the good bacteria and floura going in his/her system instead of the antibiotic killing good as well as bad bacteria. Also, supplements geared on healing and building up the immune system wouldn't be a bad idea for healing either. There are alot of good ones out there. I use the Nzymes, but used to use Nupro with good results. Some I know use Missing Link others NuVet. I've tried them all, but have gotten the best results from the Nzymes. Go to their website. They have testimonials of dogs healing much quicker when taking these supplements. A groomer friend of mine has a lab with a horrible cyst (called a lick granuloma) in between the digits of his paws. Ever time the weather gets wet, it breaks opens, ooozes and gets infected. She back to the vet for another round of antibiotics. After only 2 weeks on the Nzyme granules the cyst is almost healed and no more antibiotics! She is so relieved and couldn't thank me enough. Hope this helps.
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