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Kobra vom Eichenluft

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It is with sadness that I announce Molly Graf lost her dear narcotics K9, Kobra, following an emergency splenectomy for splenic hematoma possibly caused by her spleen being twisted. She lived several hours after surgery but didn't recover from the fluid loss. It has been a very sad time for her. I know many of you on this forum know Molly or of her wonderful dogs. I'll forward any messages to her or you may contact her through her website.

Please view the lovely slideshow Molly made in tribute to Kobra:

beautiful Kobra
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Very sad.

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What a beautiful dog. I'm so sorry for her loss.
What a pretty girl! I think she had the cutest puppy ears I've ever seen! A great tribute to an obviously wonderful dog.
What a loss. Beautiful tribute to a wonderful dog.
What a beautiful tribute to a special dog.. Kobra had so much personality.. She will be missed by many..

Run free at the bridge my friend..
Be free, Kobra.

My deepest condolences and prayers to Molly for this premature loss.


Beautiful and moving tribute.
my deepest sympathies to molly for the sudden loss of kobra.
it's so sad she didn't survive
beautiful slide-show tribute.

rip, kobra
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Such a hard loss, Jen. We all lose when such a dog passes.
My condolences to Molly, my thoughts are with her. Kobra was a beautiful dog, it's horrible when they're lost early.
Please let Molly know I am very sorry for her loss. My thoughts are with her.
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How sad for Molly! I rrememebr Molly and miss her here. Please pass my thoughts and condolences to her.
Molly is surely missed here and now her beloved Kobra too!
I'm deeply sorry for Molly and thought the slide show was a touching tribute to Kobra. RIP sweet Kobra.
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Our condolences to Molly.

RIP Kobra, run free
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So sad, may Kobra rest in peace.
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I had the fortune of meeting Kobra in person and seeing her work and I have to say, she was one awesome girl!!! She will be missed by many.
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