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Knee Popping / Clicking

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So I have a 3 year old GSD named Lulu. Last August she tore her ACL and 20% meniscus. we had the TPLO surgery and she's been doing great.. sort of. her repaired (right rear) knee is great, but I've noticed two things since the surgery. When she gets up off the couch, after a day of playing, she stretches both legs (left first, right second) almost every time, which she used to not do. Second her left knee now "pops" or "clicks" when she walks. is this another ACL? maybe just meniscus? does this mean more surgery? I'm sick to my stomach to think about this.. please.. any thoughts??
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ACL Response

As our 10 yr old GSD had ACL surgery MINOR surgery 3 years ago where the TPLO IS Major and she has the same issues with her leg. We have used our local pet rehab clinic for tens stimulation along with acupuncture which has relieved a majority of it and we also give her Cetyl M which helps deal with the arthritis in the joint.
Briar still swims in the tank during the winter to keep strength and mobility without risk of slipping/falling on walks locally during winter. Summers are spent swimming in the river which allows 4 exercise without weight bearing on the legs.
If you can find a facility where she/he cans swim it is the very best thing to get the dog moving which will strengthen the muscles supporting the TPLO
without stressing the joint allowing for better support.
Weight is a real issue as well compounding the stress on the tplo
Damp weather can also inflame the joint and cause the popping sound as well.
with the tplo procedure the metal plates often hold cold or are reactive to moisture causing inflammation in reaction to the metal or the screws in the joints
Our ortho vet who is one of two leading vets in this procedure in N.A. Told us it was very important to do physio following surgery as many who don't land up having the other leg done within 12-15 months time.
Sorry 4 length of this post, but not easy to explain in short form.
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