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There is a member on here named Maggie Rose Lee who has had 2 MegaE dogs. Please don't be alarmed or depressed! They can live long, happy, healthy lives.

There are degrees of MegaE. Some dogs need a Bailey chair and special food to eat while others don't.

I had a foster pup who had a persistent right aortic arch. The surgery was done to correct it and (as was expected) he had mild MegaE afterwards. I made his food by hand and pureed it into a slurry, made sure he sat up quietly after he ate and had no problems with regurgitation. He was fed raw in his adoptive home and had no problems with regurg.

He ended up having to come back into rescue when he was 5 years old (no fault of his own) and his new foster home decided to put him on kibble. He had huge problems so they called me and I recommended Honest Kitchen or one of the other dehydrated raw mixes. They started him on that and he's continued on that. He has been in his second home now for 4 years and has had no problems.

I also helped place a gsd with MegaE when I was volunteering with the same rescue. That dog's person would soak his kibble, mix with canned food and make it into meatballs. He trained the dog to sit up while eating and he would feed her one meatball at a time. That worked just fine for her.
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