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Kendra has Neospora!

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So we FINALLY get a diagnoses on Kendra today. For all of you that read my previous post on my foster/now permanent puppy she has had all sorts of problems. We couldn't figure out why she walked so odd to say the least. Well we got one of her tests back today and it was Positive for Neospora...Im still learning about this because Im really not familiar with it. From what I have researched its a protozoal parasite. It causes the walking condition (ataxia), neurological symptoms and much more. We started her on a different antibiotic and if we are aggressive enough she should go back to being a completely normal dog (besides the heart issues of course)!! There is finally light at the end of the tunnel!!!

Has anyone else ever had experience with this before or know anything about it??
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Glad to hear that you found the cause of Kendra's problem. Unfortunately I know more than I want about Neospora. I rescue and adopt GSD's with "straight" hindlegs that don't bend at all. The primary differential for this is Neospora, which starts off as ataxia and neurological problems, then gradually progresses until they develop straight hind legs and then forelimb and problems eating.

All the GSD's I rescue with hindlimb problems are tested for Neospora and Toxoplasmosis and are prophylactically treated with Clindamycin, but all have tested negative except one. She was treated but already had straight legs which don't go back to normal.

Hopefully the antibiotics will be all Kendra needs!
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