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Keeping off the cats?

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What do you guys do with your working GSD pups and cats?

My SCH pup is chasing and biting my cats - I've tried to redirect with tugs etc... even tried food, but when he's on the cat - he's on the cat. I have to physically get him off!

What are some ideas on this?! Thanks.
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Keep him on a leash so he doesn't have a chance to get "on the cat".
How old is the pup? Does he know what "leave it" means?
He's a whole 8 weeks old. I do leave him on a leash in the house and when he sees the cats (I have two that come and go) he lunges and whines/screams! It's when the cats approach me for pets or whatever he gets at them. Little monster!
Yup I feel your pain, same deal here, 10 weeks old, one of our cats is remotely interested, and he barks and whines and scares poor kitty away, anyone who can help would be my wifes hero. The other is a scatty cat naturally is well.. scatty, and the dog just freaks him out! He hasn't come downstairs in 3 weeks.
Trim cat's nails first, just in case so your pup won't loose his eyes. Then start working on "Leave it" with treats. My puppy is almost 5 months and finally he will leave the cat and rush to me for a treat. I keep working on it.
Ive had the same problem with Dexter and my three cats hes learned to completely leave our senior cat JJ alone, Angie our 3 yr old he also started to leave alone cuz she stopped running from him, our recuse former Ferrel kitten now 2 is deathly afraid its been more changeling with her. I think the attitude of your cats also plays a strong role. Supervision is key I agree keep him on a leash have safe places for your cats to go. we have been useing super treats, little bits of cooked chicken to distract him from the cats we use a leave it along with a "look"(watch me) and and rewarding him for giving us his full attention instead of trying to chase after the cats, hes learned that when he sees the cats if he leaves them alone and looks at me he gets an even better reward a great treat his fav game of tug ect... another thing that worked great was giving Dexter a pigs ear he was Soo busy working on it he just forgot about the cats passing by, After a few months of this they Finally they can be in the same room together without all that lunging barking and running its not perfect yet but has improved ALOT, Takes some time but it can get better good luck
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