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So...I took Monday off as a Mental Health Day (check out pictures section for that story). Needed it badly! Had a GREAT day and then was in a good mood today and etc.

I get home from work, boot up my laptop and it's giving me all kinds of nasty messages. NOTHING is working right. So I mess with it and mess with it and an hour later, got it working to a certain level. I'll have to finish working on it tomorrow morning at the office.

I get up to get treats and etc. ready to go do dog training and notice my sandle is laying in the middle of the living room. Ok, no biggie. Sometimes Hunter grabs stuff but doesn't chew on it....until today! He chewed and ate the back strap off of it. UGH!!!!!! He earned his kennel freedom over a year ago and had been doing so well. And this is what a bored dog does. This morning he was still bleary eyed from our activities yesterday!

So now I'm thinking...maybe I should just can the training because the way my night is going....

Well Gracie gives me that "Mom...let's go do 'gility stuff!!!!!!!!" look that I can't resist.
Her daddy just built her a jump and was working on her weave poles. We head outside and she starts doing everything we've been working on almost perfectly! Fast downs, jumps, 'go right around', here and side and... AWESOME. I was so happy. That made all the other stuff seem not so bad.

I still don't have a pair of sandles but Gracie proved she can give me a fast down!!!!!!

breath in....breath out....

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Woohoo!!!! Go buy yourself some new sandals!
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