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karma provides comfort during a tragedy

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This monday night here in phnom penh some 400+ people died in a stampede after the water festival. Mostly teens,they got corralled on a bridge and variously suffocated,were electrocuted or drowned as they jumped off the bridge in desperation . I lost two of my young workers and my wifes brother almost died . Danay is in a lot of physical and emotional pain and his story is on my blog . Tonight we visited him and he is in shock for sure. I took Karma on a hunch as I know the effects animals can have on people when they are in need and the results were amazing. Danay and karma know each other and have a special little relationship . He plays with her on the odd occasion he comes over and she seems to sense his shyness. So tonight he was in the bedroom awake in the dark curled up on the bottom bunk-god knows what he was thinking about with what he has experienced- and so I simply let karma in and shut the door. I chatted with the family for an hour and when I went to check karma was up on the bed asleep in a very tight cuddle with Danay . I could see Danay ever so softly stroking Karma and knew some grief was subsiding so I have left her there to help the boy get over this terrible event . Dogs............gotta love em.
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She's a very special girl. Best wishes for his full recovery- although I can't imagine every being the same after an experience like that
That is so sad I'm glad Karma is offering her puppy comfort:)
Sad that so many people lost their lives over what was supposed to be a happy occasion.
Karma like many of our animals sense when something is just not right and in their own way try to make it better !!! Amazing creatures they are ! :)
Terrific Thanksgiving story. Big Karma fan here.
That's so sad :(
I hope he's ok... Karma is a really good girl, though. New fann!
Thanks for the great story! I'm glad he has Karma to help him in his time of need!
OMG, now I know why I must remember to always count my blessings. Good wishes coming your way from Texas.
Dogs are good like that. I know a woman who had a Laekenois many years ago named Merlin. Then tragedy struck and she ended up taking in her nephew, now an orphan. The boy did nothing but sit on his bed and cry. Merlin walked up to the nephew and nuzzled him and ever since then, Merlin and the boy were inseperable. They did everything together and the boy trained him in obedience up to Utility.
What a terrible tragedy. I just got an email a few hours ago from a friend whose DD and SIL had been to the water festival and had just left Phnom Penh when it happened.

Sending warm wishes that Danay has a speedy recovery and cyber pats to Karma for being such a good dog.
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