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Kaper and I on the news

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I took Kaper out for our run today. It was overcast and drizzling (I have no idea why I took him since I just finished washing the floors in the house). We just got going and I noticed the news truck drive by. Then I saw him come back and pulled in just ahead of me. I guess they do a little guest weather segment where they talk to someone doing something outdoors. He asked to get a shot of Kaper and I running and had me say our names and what the weather was like today. I did it but can't bring myself to watch it. Lol. I was so nervous.

The guy was scared of Kaper. Poor Kape was just sitting in a heel. He didn't want to clip the mike on in case Kaper was protective. I kept telling him he was fine but I don't think he believed me.
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Now you have to record it. Then upload it here so we can see it!!!
How neat - I'm sure you and Kaper did great!!! You should record it!!!
Yeah!!! We have a superstar on here.

It had to have been a fun experience.
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